Taste the fresh ingredients of Yakushima

The abundant use of seafood and other fresh ingredients in our cuisine will enrich your time on Yakushima. We hope you will enjoy the colorful delicacies woven by our highly skilled chefs.

We also prepare dinner for those who are not staying at the hotel or those who are not staying at the hotel. Please order the menu of your choice from the plans below. (Reservations required at least 3 days in advance.) *We may not be able to accept your reservation depending on the availability, so please make your reservation as early as possible.


Breakfast is prepared in buffet style. Local ingredients are used for both Japanese and Western breakfasts.

Dinner (General Kaiseki Plan)

We offer kaiseki cuisine featuring an abundance of fresh seafood from the sea and mountains of Yakushima. Enjoy a seasonal meal using fresh vegetables purchased directly from farmers in Yakushima.
4,400 yen per person (tax included) Pre-order 3 days in advance

Dinner (Nami Oto Hiyori Plan)

We offer dishes using fresh seafood unique to Yakushima Island, which is near the sea. Please enjoy our kaiseki cuisine featuring colorful seafood, which is a feast for the eyes, as well as Japanese cuisine.
7,700 yen per person (tax included) Pre-order 3 days in advance

sushi tray

Fresh seafood from Yakushima is prepared as sushi. Please enjoy dishes that taste the charm of Yakushima, using carefully selected seasonal ingredients.
4,400 yen per person (tax included) Pre-order 3 days in advance

Tempura Sashimi Gozen

We have prepared a variety of seafood dishes that are unique to Yakushima's proximity to the sea, serving fresh seafood in tempura and sashimi. Please enjoy the fresh and abundant flavors directly shipped from the fishing port.
3,300 yen per person (tax included) Pre-order 3 days in advance

Yakushima tobiko no tsukeburi donburi (bowl of rice topped with pickled flying fish)

Yakushima's famous sashimi of flying fish is marinated in a special soy sauce sauce and served on rice in a bowl of rice. The flying fish from Yakushima is low in fat, so it does not have a foul smell and you can taste its elegant flavor.
2,750 yen per person (tax included) Pre-order 3 days in advance

Order Meal

A la carte dishes of Yakushima

Fresh fish and shellfish caught on Yakushima Island, surrounded by the sea, are available.

Some items cannot be prepared on the day of your order, so please place your order in advance if you have any requests. Please note that items that require fresh ingredients, such as sashimi, may not be prepared on the same day depending on the fishing conditions.

Sashimi of broken-necked mackerel/ Sashimi of flying fish

To keep the fish fresh, the neck of the mackerel is broken immediately after landing to remove the blood, and the flying fish, a specialty of Yakushima Island, which has the largest catch in Japan, is made into sashimi so that the freshness of the fish can be appreciated.
Broken-neck mackerel: 1,600 yen per person Flying fish: 1,300 yen per person

simmered tokobushi

Tokobushi, which looks like abalone, is often caught on Yakushima Island. The rich taste of the sea and the sweetness of tokobushi are stewed in a sweet and spicy sauce to make a dish that goes well with sake.
1,100 yen per person

Deep-fried kama (fish cakes)

The waters around the island are strongly influenced by the warm currents of the Kuroshio Current and are a treasure trove of kanpachi, which prefer high water temperatures. The kama of kanpachi, with its thick meat, elegant texture, and full of fatty flavor, is deep fried. It can also be grilled with salt.
1,100 yen per person

Sashimi of mizu-ika

The highest quality bluefin squid, the king of squid, is called mizu-ika in Yakushima. The soft and sweet squid is served as sashimi. It is rich in minerals and low in calories, and is popular among women for its skin beautifying effects.
1,300 yen per person

miso soup with rice bran pickled or salted vegetables (e.g. carrots, daikon or potatoes) and eggs

A rare shellfish called "percebe" is one of the most expensive foods in Spain. In Japan, it is called "tortoise's hand" because it resembles the handprint of a tortoise. Miso soup made with the broth full of the aroma of the seashore has a rich and gentle flavor.
One cup 600 yen