Rent a Car

This is a rental car service limited to hotel guests to further enjoy sightseeing in Yakushima.
The compact car allows you to drive on narrow roads such as the western forest roads of Yakushima.
Why don't you enjoy sightseeing in the island at your own pace and comfort?

Rental Hours
Fee (tax included)
6 hours
9 hours
24 hours
Hourly thereafter
Thereafter, per day
The time for lending is from 9:00 AM, and the time for returning is until 7:00 PM.
(Please note that nighttime rentals are not available.)
A liability waiver fee will be added to the above rates. (Join the liability waiver / 1,100 yen per day)
*We have 3 rental cars (5-seater) in stock.
*With car navigation system
*We only have 3 cars, so please make a reservation in advance. (Please make a reservation in advance (by phone or e-mail)

Audi electric SUV
Audi e-tron Sportback / Audi e-tron

Yakushima is an island rich in nature, represented by the Yakusugi cedar trees, and is a rare island in Japan where more than 99% of the electricity used on the island is provided by renewable energy generated by hydroelectric power. The e-tron, an electric vehicle that emits no carbon dioxide while driving, is charged with green power generated by the hydroelectric power of Yakushima, allowing drivers to enjoy a sustainable driving experience.

Rental Hours
Fee (tax included)
6 hours
12 hours
24 hours
Hourly thereafter
*Please note that there is a possibility of difficulty in passing through narrow roads such as the Western Forest Road. Please use it for driving in the town.
The liability waiver is available for 24 hours (1,100 yen per day / join the waiver at the time of rental)
*Two rental cars (5-seater) are available
*Includes car navigation system
*There are only two cars available, so please make reservations in advance (by phone or email). (Please make a reservation in advance (by phone or e-mail)
Audi, a provider of sustainable premium mobility, and Fahren Kyushu Corporation, which operates Audi dealerships, have teamed up to offer Audi's electric SUVs, Audi e-tron Sportback and Audi e- Audi Japan is a leading manufacturer of electric SUVs in Japan.
In July 2023, Audi Japan signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with the town of Yakushima, which aims for a sustainable future where nature and people coexist. We are promoting activities aimed at contributing to a sustainable future for Yakushima by supporting car rental business with electric vehicles that lead to decarbonization, improving infrastructure by donating chargers, and providing environmental learning opportunities for children, who will be responsible for the future.